Basic Knowledge of Remote Control Aircraft and Remote Control Vehicles Toy Remote Control Aircraft

Basic Knowledge of Remote Control Aircraft and Remote Control Vehicles Toy Remote Control Aircraft:

Remote Control Vehicles Toy
Remote Control Vehicles Toy

At present, there are two types of remote control aircraft, one is infrared remote control and the other is radio remote control. First, infrared remote control aircraft (remote control distance is about 10 meters, that is, three stories high) currently we have two types of infrared remote control aircraft, one with “gyroscope” and the other without “gyroscope”. Gyroscope is a small accessory installed on the circuit board, which mainly plays the role of balancing the aircraft. Beginners generally recommend buying aircraft with gyroscopes, while aircraft without gyroscopes are generally referred to as 3-channel remote control aircraft. This kind of aircraft can spin in the air. Beginners are not easy to operate when moving forward, backward, left and right.

Aircraft with gyroscopes are commonly referred to as 3.5 channels. This kind of remote control aircraft can hover in the air (simply understood to be parked somewhere in the air). Forward, backward, left and right are relatively easy for beginners to use. There is also a 4-channel infrared aircraft. The 4-channel aircraft has all the functions of a 3.5-channel aircraft, but it also has one more side-flight function.

Functional difference: 2.5 channels can only be up and down, left and right, 3.5 channels: up and down, left and right, front and back, 4.5 channels: up and down, left and right, front and back, flying infrared remote-controlled aircraft features: small and light, no damage to furniture, household appliances, etc. caused by casual operation indoors. It is convenient to carry when going out. When the power is off, you can also directly charge the plane with the remote controller.
Disadvantages of infrared remote control aircraft: it can’t fly outdoors during the day, and it will be interfered by light, which will lead to the failure of remote control to the aircraft or signal interruption, etc. … it has little wind resistance in the coming days, and will slightly affect the forward and backward of the aircraft.

Two, radio remote control aircraft (remote control distance is about 25-30 meters) We have two kinds of radio remote control aircraft here. One is double-paddle, that is, with two wings.
The other is a single-layer wing with only one pulp. Most radio-controlled aircraft are now equipped with gyroscopes and are generally larger in size than infrared-controlled aircraft, with a length of more than 30 cm, more than 40 cm, more than 60 cm and about 80 cm. The anti-wind capability is slightly stronger. It will not be disturbed by light outside, but it is not easy to control the plane outside, but it is also difficult to control in case of wind.

However, the remote control aircraft with single slurry has a strong anti-wind capability and can move freely under the general wind outside. It is very powerful in terms of reaction speed, forward and backward movement, left and right side flight, etc.

Remote controller for remote control aircraft: There are two types of remote controllers for remote control aircraft, one is capable of disengaging and hovering, and the other is without disengaging and hovering. The control lever on the left side of the remote controller controls the landing and landing of the plane, so this function is designed on the left side of the remote controller. The control lever on the left of the remote controller with the function of releasing control and hovering is non-resilient, that is, the control lever will be stuck where it is pushed, which will make the airplane fly to a certain height, release the hand, and the airplane will not fall off. On the contrary, the hand without the function of releasing and hovering will directly fall off.

Because its control lever is elastic, the hand will rebound to its original position when pushed upward and released.

In the aspect of charging, infrared plane charging is usually charged by connecting a USB cable to a computer, or by connecting an AC charger to plug directly into a household electricity. When the computer is charged, it will not turn on when it is charged; when the USB cable is fully charged, the end connected to the computer will turn on a red light; when the AC is charged, the light will turn on when it is charged, and when it is full, it will turn on when it is fully charged. Generally, it can be fully charged in about 40 minutes. If you use the remote controller to charge the plane, the battery in the remote controller should have enough power. When charging, the switch of the remote controller should be turned on. When charging, the red light is usually on, and when it is full, it will turn green. When charging a radio plane, it is usually a red light. When it is full, it will turn green or turn off the light.

Note: The switch of the airplane must be turned off when the airplane is charged, otherwise the electricity cannot be charged. All planes can fly for about 6-8 minutes when fully charged.
Toy remote control vehicles: (hereinafter referred to as radio remote control) remote control vehicles are relatively simple and straightforward. At present, our remote control vehicles are all called four-channel vehicles, which can move forward and backward, turn left and right, which is the function possessed by general remote control vehicles. The remote control distance of the remote control car is generally about 15-20 meters, and some are about 20-25 meters. For specific information, ask Xiao Lin.

Charging: all remote control vehicles are charged with red lights and full of red lights. the charging time is about 4 hours. after charging, they can play for about 15-20 minutes. the common after-sales problems of remote control vehicles: if the electric quantity is sufficient, the lights will be on when the remote controller is operated, and the vehicle has no response at all, or if the front wheels and rear wheels of the remote control vehicle are not moving, and only the front wheels are moving, they can be returned directly. If the remote control distance of the remote control car is short, the first thing to do is to ask whether the remote control is equipped with an antenna. If so, the buyer can go to a spacious place outside to have a try. Sometimes the interference will cause the remote control distance to be too short, and if not, it can only be returned.

The front wheels of the remote-controlled dump truck can only turn left and right. It can’t turn left and right like the ordinary remote-controlled truck. The charging time of this remote-controlled truck is about 4 hours, and it can be played for about 15 minutes after it is full. The remote-controlled distance is about 15 meters.

Radio remote-controlled excavator is also called 8-channel remote-controlled vehicle. The body of this vehicle can rotate 680 degrees alone, that is to say, it can rotate for about 2 rounds. When it turns to the end, it will make a clicking sound. After hearing this sound, it needs to turn back. If it is operated for a long time after hearing this sound, it will easily break down.
The charging time is about 4 hours, after charging, you can play for about 15 minutes.

Frequently asked questions of radio remote excavator: it is normal for the car to move automatically from time to time without turning off the switch. this car is like this, so long as the switch of the car body is turned off, it will not happen.

If the wheel does not move after the buyer receives it, the buyer can take it apart. It may be that the thread in the box has dropped. Just let the buyer open it and see if it is connected. If the buyer is really unable to do so, he can return it directly to the new one.

If the digging wall is going up and down, it will click in one place. If it is possible that the internal gear is broken, this can also make him return directly. Or the car can work normally in some places, or the buyer can return it directly if there is no response in some places.

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