Remote Control Aircraft Maintenance

According to “Remote control aircraft maintenance”, when you are playing remote control aircraft, you may encounter some kind of love brother. if you are a novice player, you can find the problem on the internet first and see the solution. today, I will introduce you some maintenance methods for the problem.

Remote Control Aircraft Maintenance
Remote Control Aircraft Maintenance

If the plane always leans in one direction and cannot fly, then the fine adjustment key can be made without any small error, and the remote control direction of the remote controller can be adjusted above the fine adjustment button in the opposite direction according to the plane.

When an all-electric plane cannot fly yet, please pay attention to check whether the connecting rod on and under the balance beam is broken and inside the blade. The body does not fly very straight and always deviates in one direction. If the plane always deviates in one direction, please ensure the air is not affected. The fine adjustment key can be adjusted and the remote control can be adjusted according to the opposite direction of the fine adjustment button on the plane.

I. When flying, the body will tremble and fly a little to the side.

1. The imbalance of the balance beam will change the balance beam very well.

2. Please check the 8 buttons on the balance beam. If there are good buttons, the buttons on both sides will not be buckled inside. As long as there are good installation buttons, the plane will become an airplane. If the buttons are buckled and only become an airplane, the plane will be slightly unbalanced.

3. The blades on both sides of the spiral twist are not very uniform. For the screws of the automobile steel plate, the screws around the blades are loosened.

II. The power supply of the airplane is turned on, but the lights are not on.

1. The airplane is turned off. Please turn off the power switch

2 of the airplane and above the battery line. You can remove the head, check the thread ends, and weld it!

III. The newly-started plane still hasn’t turned

1. Please check the gear connected to the upper blade. If it is running or broken, it can be separated from the lower part of the machine at the bottom of the plane to determine the better gear again.

2. check the motor, see if the wire is loose, otherwise the motor has a problem, find repair welding, or you can change the motor.


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