Story:My Remote Control Car

My remote control car:

I have a remote control plane, but its space is limited and I don’t play very often, so I prefer to play remote control racing. As soon as this car was taken home, I couldn’t put it down. why don’t you hold it and smile happily? After looking at it for a while, I immediately found a knife and divided the adhesive tape on the opening of the box by three times, five times and two times. I opened the lid of the box and pulled out the plastic bubble mill that fixed the remote control car, then took out the car.

Story:My Remote Control Car
Story:My Remote Control Car

I saw this car is an off-road vehicle wearing this “golden armor” which is extremely cool. There is a guardrail at the front of the car. The guardrail is inlaid with the car’s “small eyes”-headlights. The glass of the car is transparent with a pair of fish brushes. Through the glass, I can see the chair, steering wheel, odometer, handbrake … As long as there are some things in the real car, you can basically see them in the car, but the only difference is that there is not something else in the trunk, but a stereo. I turned the car upside down and put on the battery, then I turned on the switch. I didn’t expect that not only does it look like a real car, but the sound of turning on is also the sound of the car starting! I looked at the remote control and saw that there were two balls on the joystick. It was lovely. In the middle of the remote controller is a switch, the lower left is a button for opening the door, and the right button is a switch for horn and music. I’ve got the car figured out and I’m ready to play.

I put the racing car switch on the ground, then I took the remote control and let the car go forward (the front lights of the car were on). I turned left and right (the turn signal was on), and then I opened the door. I wanted to open the door but couldn’t open it. I also made a brake noise. I pressed the horn button again and only heard a clear and crisp sound. There was only one key left. I pressed it, and there was a sound from the car. There was a sound of rock music from the car’s stereo. Several lights were still on.

The lights are changing color. It’s very interesting! I “drove” the car (because it was so similar to a real car) for a few turns on the open ground. The more I played, the more I worked. At last the car slowed down slowly and ran out of gas-no electricity. As soon as I saw this scene, I immediately held the club home to refuel-recharge … this car and plane made me happier than before, and my after-school life was more wonderful!


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