Engine Adjustment of Oil-powered Remote Control Vehicle Is A Systematic Process

Engine Adjustment of Oil-powered Remote Control Vehicle Is A Systematic Process

The engine adjustment of the oil-powered remote control vehicle is a systematic process. The relationship between the engine adjustment method and the running state of the engine needs to be carefully understood in detail, especially the running-in of the engine. The player needs to carefully follow the adjustment steps before the performance of the engine can be fully brought into play.

Oil-powered Remote Control Vehicle
Oil-powered Remote Control Vehicle

I. Adjustment of Oil Needle of Oil-powered Remote Control Vehicle

1. oil remote control car engine preheating Make sure that the oil needle is in the factory state. If it is not adjusted carefully, please turn the main oil needle clockwise to the end and turn it counterclockwise to 4 turns. After turning the auxiliary oil needle clockwise to the end, turn it counterclockwise to 3 turns (empirical data, suitable for most model engines). After starting the engine, leave the vehicle suspended (because when adjusting the engine, the vehicle may scurry about). At this time, slightly increase the accelerator and allow the engine to run for sufficient time (about 15-20 seconds). After the engine temperature reaches the working requirement, you can start adjusting the engine.

2. Preliminary adjustment of the oil needle of the oil-powered remote control vehicle owner Give the accelerator two times and listen carefully to the sound. If the engine sounds sharp and dry, and the engine feels strong but can’t get up, it means that the engine is lean, please enlarge the main oil needle (counterclockwise). Generally, the oil needle is rotated for 60 minutes, and the amount of adjustment is about 4 minutes each time. It is more appropriate to adjust until the accelerator is fully opened, and the engine sounds strong but does not scream at the highest speed.

3. Fine adjustment of oil needle of oil-powered remote control vehicle-acoustic positioning Fully open the throttle and immediately return to the idle position to listen to the engine. The sound should be like this: the tone is very high at high speed and steady and coherent when returning to idle speed.
When returning to idle speed at high speed, the normal tone is: WOOWOOWOO…..PaPaPa ……
When returning to idle speed at high speed, incorrect tone: woowoo … oooo … papapa (response to throttle delayed) “O” means that the engine tone has a delay step during the process of landing at high speed to idle speed, which is called “oil chasing” in the model community. “Chasing oil” is the phenomenon of insufficient oil supply in the process of the engine from high speed to idle speed. In this case, we should enlarge the main oil needle (counterclockwise) until it conforms to the normal and consistent tone without any delay.
The core of the adjustment of the main oil needle is to reduce the oil needle of the engine to the point closest to the oil recovery, that is, the limit of engine throttle stability, so as to exert every power of the engine as much as possible.

4. Idle speed adjustment Put the throttle control lever of the remote controller back to the idle state, and the steering gear is in the idle deflection position at this time. Observe the clearance of the engine throttle, which is only about 1 mm. If not, please adjust the throttle channel of the remote controller for fine adjustment until the throttle clearance is appropriate. Then give the full throttle and immediately return to idle speed. If the engine stalls immediately, please adjust the first oil needle by one gauge (counterclockwise) and adjust many times until the engine idle speed is stable.

5. Adjust the auxiliary oil needle. The auxiliary oil needle is also called low-speed oil needle. It is mainly responsible for the running stability of the engine at low speed. Fully open the throttle, then return to idle speed and listen to the tone at idle speed. If the tone is low (there seems to be phlegm in the throat) and the throttle is slow to respond when accelerating suddenly, it indicates that the engine is a little rich in oil at low speed, and the appropriate auxiliary oil needle is reduced (clockwise) until the throttle is adjusted to respond quickly and the acceleration is delayed. However, the auxiliary oil needle should not be reduced blindly, otherwise the engine will also have the phenomenon of chasing oil.

The most idiotic and practical way to adjust the auxiliary oil needle is to close the auxiliary oil needle and turn it on for about 3 turns, then start it, refuel it briefly and violently, and see how the accelerator of the car responds accordingly. If you don’t respond well, close the auxiliary oil needle one by one until the car accelerates rapidly.

II. The oil remote control vehicle engine debugging is easy to cause novice worry about the normal phenomenon

1. Intermittent metal collision sounds when the engine is running: ignore it, the real car engine also has metal collision sounds.

2. The engine stops when it is refueled: usually, the auxiliary oil needle is rich in oil and can be reduced.

3. When idling, the engine will stall if it oscillates slightly: normally, the oil discharge is not smooth under idling. Slowly increase the throttle to allow the engine to remove waste oil.

4. It is difficult to reduce the engine speed when the throttle is lowered, and it is in a high tone: the engine is low in oil, and the main oil needle should be adjusted appropriately.

5. The hot hand of the engine cannot be touched: the heat dissipation of the vehicle engine relies on the heat exchange between the heat sink of the cylinder body and the air. The heat dissipation effect is definitely not as good as that of the model engine. It should have been impossible to touch the hot hand (there is no saying that the engine can be touched by hand). As long as the temperature is not too high, it will not affect the normal operation of the engine.

III. Oil remote control car other matters needing attention

1. Too much oil or too little oil will have adverse effects on the engine. Never think that rich oil is protecting the engine. Engine temperature and sound during operation are important factors to characterize the running state of the engine.

2. Many novices are too professional in adjusting the engine and are afraid of making mistakes. In fact, according to the procedure, you can also become a master.

3. remote control car is a plaything, don’t take it too seriously, careful adjustment, there will be no problem, as long as it’s not violent pulling speed, the run-in period can be safely spent.


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