Toy Stories

  • A Story:Self-made Remote Control Car

    A Story:Self-made Remote Control Car Since I was a child, I have been playing with remote control cars, making electric trains and playing with remote control boat. Finally, when I was in grade 3, I completely made a remote control car. It was a truck with trailer containers. It was mainly for the sake of carrying the battery. It should have been reserved as a souvenir, but I wanted to upgrade it to one with shock absorption, so I took it down. Due to the failure of resources, financial resources,…

    December 15, 2019
  • Story:My Remote Control Car

    My remote control car: I have a remote control plane, but its space is limited and I don’t play very often, so I prefer to play remote control racing. As soon as this car was taken home, I couldn’t put it down. why don’t you hold it and smile happily? After looking at it for a while, I immediately found a knife and divided the adhesive tape on the opening of the box by three times, five times and two times. I opened the lid of the box and pulled…

    December 15, 2019
  • A Story:My Favorite Remote Control Plane

    My favorite remote control plane is Ma Honglei, Class 4, wenshan city Primary School. My good friend who can’t speak, I like it very much. My remote control plane is my good friend who cannot speak and I have good friends who learn. They have handsome planes, cool superman and handsome Altman. They are all my good friends and they are my good brothers. One day, I saw the remote control plane at home. I was so happy that the remote control plane came. Its colors are blue and black….

    December 15, 2019