Various Traps in Buying People’s Spraying Aircraft

Key words of various traps in the purchase of unmanned spraying aircraft: unmanned spraying aircraft, farmland spraying aircraft, remote control spraying aircraft, clothing field plant protection machine, what should be paid attention to in the purchase of unmanned spraying aircraft, so as to prevent being fooled by manufacturers, spending money in vain, and finally buying working farm tools into decorative toys?

Various Traps in Buying People's Spraying Aircraft
Various Traps in Buying People’s Spraying Aircraft

The following suggestions are only applicable to large farmers and small pesticide spraying teams. The main optional model for such buyers is battery powered unmanned pesticide spraying aircraft. Please refer to the previous articles for specific reasons.

1. Look at the body structure. Choose a simple structure that you can see clearly so that you can repair it later. Don’t believe the so-called standard production, comprehensive testing and strict testing before leaving the factory are useless. Maybe it’s really such a factory, but when you come to your house and look at your warehouse, since the assembly requirements are so strict, then when you repair The requirements may be more stringent than this. Your family does not have such conditions at all. There are at most a few screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers. You have to use the tools at hand to deal with most failures and accidents.

2. Look at the difficulty of flight operation, don’t listen to the words such as simple operation and convenient use, which may be true or false. if the sales personnel say so, listen, think, look at the level of the person who gives you the flight demonstration and estimate his background. If he is ordinary, then you can fly well, even better than him. If he is a professional technical and flight personnel, then hurry to leave. There is a long gap between you and him. Don’t try to reach its standard.

3. Price Topic: The competition is very fierce now. There are many manufacturers. Farmers like to buy the cheapest, and manufacturers often reduce the allocation. A complete UAV configuration includes: rack, spraying system, flight remote controller, a group of power batteries, a flight battery, charger, and transportation box, which are often available and not less. But what many buyers do not know is that such planes are not actually available. Why? A group of batteries can fly for 15 minutes at most. What you need is an uninterrupted spraying operation. In other words, to solve the problem of continuous power, you need to configure enough batteries and necessary equipment. The charging time of one battery group is 15 minutes, so you need a total of 5 batteries to ensure that one battery group has electricity every moment. In most fields there is no way to recharge, so you need a petrol/diesel generator. In addition, if you are spraying medicine to others to make money, you also need a GPS mu meter. These are all necessary equipment, but when you make an inquiry, the manufacturer will not tell you generally, and I will not tell you at the beginning, that will bring You scared away. What he needs is to give you a lowest price, then introduce you and slowly raise the price. This is a normal strategy for sales, but it is a trap for you, the buyer, to induce your trap.

4. After-sales problem: the responsibility for all kinds of accidents should be clearly defined before payment, and the warranty period should not be trusted. Not all problems within the warranty period are handled free of charge by the manufacturer, and many are the responsibility of the flight operator. These must be clearly inquired before purchase. In addition, how to price common maintenance items outside the warranty period and what is the current price of common vulnerable parts should be clearly defined. Otherwise, it will be wrangling with each other.
Many unmanned aerial vehicles sold at low prices charge a high price for after-sales maintenance, and the manufacturers have to make money anyway. Moreover, the materials are poor, and the money for later maintenance can be used to buy another one.

5. Don’t think that you can fly just to finish. It is true that the flying practice in the factory is only for a short period of time, and more flying experience needs to be practiced after returning. However, before leaving, we should communicate with the flight operators of the manufacturers and ask them what flight lessons they have learned before. Only by remembering the lessons of others can we prevent the same thing from happening to ourselves. Remember, these lessons are all sums of money.

6. Ff possible, I will learn to carry out simple maintenance in the factory, such as replacing blades, replacing water tanks and replacing motors.

7. Don’t believe in high performance: GPS autopilot, automatic obstacle avoidance and flight according to the set trajectory are all fake. What you need is an aircraft that can fly. In the fields of eastern, southern and central China, these high technologies are not used. Of course, if you are from northeast/inner Mongolia/xinfannahuang, you’d better have some of these. the area is large and you can’t see your head. it’s really impossible not to drive automatically. Of course, if you’re from northeast/inner Mongolia/new Zealand, don’t buy a rechargeable one either. just buy an oil-fired one.


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